The XC90 SUV is distinguished by its exceptional levels of ballistic and explosives certifications, notably achieving VPAM VR8 standards. Tailored to meet the diverse protection requirements of police customers, this heavily armored vehicle allows for the customization of specific armored body components to enhance overall safety.

Noteworthy Features:

NIJ-IIIA Certified Armor: Equipped to withstand light handgun fire, the XC90 SUV is an ideal choice for customers necessitating enhanced protection, including authorities, security services, and police forces.

Strategic Design: Its clean Scandinavian design conveys luxury without attracting undue attention, while features like all-wheel drive, an optimized chassis, and high ground clearance contribute to stability and control.

Discreet Integration: Armor components, including reinforced laminated glass in the windows, seamlessly blend into the vehicle's design, ensuring protection without compromising aesthetics.

360° Ballistic Coverage: Extensive body armor offers effective protection from various angles and distances, with particular attention to joints and overlaps.

Certification: Rigorous testing based on the VPAM BRV 2009 standard was conducted by the German ballistic test authority, Beschussamt Ulm, to verify the XC90 SUV's ballistic capabilities.

In essence, the XC90 SUV seamlessly combines security, functionality, and elegance, making it an excellent option for those prioritizing safety without sacrificing style.